Morocco Expeditions

Excursion Marrakech to Ouzoud 150km from Marrakech

It seems to be the most beautiful place. It is a big waterfall which separates the Middle and the High Atlas.
These waterfalls are very known by the existence of the monkeys all around the waterfalls.
After our arrival in there, we make a short walk around the waterfalls, and then join the restaurant for lunch. Afterwards; we set of for driving back to Marrakech. 1hour walk 5 hours drive


Marrakech to Ait Benhadou Kasbah 140km from Marrakech

 A fully day trip by the main Road  to the South .Crossing Tichka,the highest Pass in Morocco, the Ait Benhadou Kasbah is situated in a forty kilometres away from the pass by the left side. To get there, it’s a long but a nice way. In a comfortable private transport we provide, you will not suffer from the distance tiring. Lunch in Tadart , before we get back to Marrakech. Nice and different scenery in the other side of the Pass. The main ground type is semi deserted.
The Ait Benhadou Kasbah is one of the most fortified and military lodges when Morocco was colonized by the foreign powers. The Kasbah had a military and protective role in those decades. Once you will be there, you will really admire and discover what it means. 8 hours drive

Ait Ben haddou