Morocco Expeditions

Trekking in the Atlantic coast in Morocco

Day1 / Marrakech - Imessouane: start trek :Early morning breakfast we make Transfert by Minibus toward Essaouira region and mainly  Imessouane, where we find our camel team. After lunch, we load the luggage and go to the second trek beach front From Imessouane frequented by surfers, hike and camp at 3:00 Amderdiz. The place is famous for its beautiful sunsets. 3 hours of walking.

Day2 / Amderdiz'in - Tafedna: We are in a mountainous landscape, rocky ground covered with argan forest. During our walk, we pass through several small villages surrounded by fields planted with barley, we meet the Berbers Haha. A beautiful day, over beaches and caves. sometimes inaccessible stunning views of the ocean. Tafdena camp near a fishing village. 6 hours walking.

coastal trip Morocco coastal expedition

Day3 / Tafedna - Sidi Ahmed Ossayh: Through Tafedna former Portuguese village fishing port today, we go to a tray covered with argan. Here, goats climb trees to eat leaves. The coastline is rugged and wild. In the distance, fishermen on their small boats. We then descend to the sea, then walk along the coast to camp at Sidi Ahmed Assayh (wells), the most beautiful beach in the area. 6 hours walking.

Day4 / Sidi Ahmed Assayh - Sidi M'Barek: We walk along the rugged coastline from the cliff and cross the small Berber villages. We will be invited by the inhabitants to take tea with cakes and argan oil. Arrival in the dunes - exceptional landscape - the assif n'Boud, a small river leading to the sea colored boats are drawn in the sand. Camp near the beach close to Sidi M'Barek waterfalls, a very nice site, bordered by a dune. It is a good part of the afternoon and evening to enjoy the sea. 4 hours of walking.